Thursday, May 13, 2010

Painting #71 The Way the Birds See It

Sometimes, when I sit down to the computer to write my blog entry for the day, the words spill out, I have a hundred things to say, I have to edit out many lines full of rabbit-trails… and other days, I suspend my fingers over the key pad, waiting. And my poor little fingers just keep waiting for some story to hit my brain and trickle down to my hands and into the curious virtual ink... but nothing come! So, I write about that. Not to say I had a bad day, or even a boring one. I didn’t! Dan worked from home today, Annalisa was as adorable as ever (she waved goodbye and say “di-di” for the first time!), and I had a wonderful time painting this watercolor in my beautiful art studio! It was a lovely, quiet day (well, except for the visit by the Census man. That was lovely… I guess we’re insubordinate because we haven’t turned in our form yet. Am I the only one who feels a little funny about that?)

Well, on to more pleasing subjects! This watercolor is actually one of two. The first one I painted a few days ago. It’s a watercolor painting of a branch with an incredibly delicate flower off of a tree in our yard. I love the layers and layers of warm colors I was able to use in the leaves. This is a commission painting, but there are several paintings still for sale in my Etsy shop.

Check back tomorrow for painting #72! Also, send me photographs of lovely places you’ve been. Remember, paintings make perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations! Please, leave the gift cards and salad tongs behind… give something that actually matters.


Anonymous said...

Emily! I love this painting! You are so talented. And your sweet little one is sooo cute. Have a wonderful day!

EmilyJeffords said...

Thanks Jenny! I think Annalisa is pretty cute myself... ; )
Have a good day!


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