Monday, May 17, 2010

Paintings #75 Rose in Layers

Goodbyes, hellos, singing, listening, talking, eating one of my favorite pizzas, crying, laughing with Dan, rejoicing with friends, rushing, picnicking under a huge umbrella, fellowshipping, running through the rain, snuggling with my man… all in a day’s work. There are so many layers to a day, it’s amazing they all stay separate.

In watercolor, layers are one of the effects I find so beautiful. The edges are so delicate and fragile looking. I painted “Blush” a couple days ago, and then thought that “drawn” look would be neat in a watercolor with all the layered effects. What do you think?

This is a set of three small watercolor paintings on nice, thick watercolor paper. They measure about 3x4 inches and look stunning with a thick white matte around them! Very romantic and sweet…
You can buy these as a gift for that special person (or for yourself, of course...) on my Etsy shop.

Happy Monday!

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