Sunday, May 23, 2010

I love living in the South. It's just a wonderful place to live! Greenville is especially wonderful. Dan and I ran downtown after working in the yard all afternoon. We were just going to grab some pizza and go home... but we got swept away is the energy of the night; perfect weather, great food (not pizza after all), lovely scenery, and wonderful company.

I also love pink, and flowers, and white, and grey, and layers, and shades, and petals, and red, and leaves, and paintings. So, I combined them all into a regal portrait of a peony. I know I just did one of these, but a sweet lady asked me to paint a peony similar to "Blush" which was painted on wood, but larger, and on a flatter surface. I'm honored to do so!

It's birthday season, wedding season, and baby season (everyone is having babies all of the sudden!)  With all these dear events happening, stop by my shop to pick out a special gift for a special person!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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