Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I’ve noticed that I have a style. That’s all fine and good… but I don’t want to get stuck, ya know. I love painting and watching trends immerge (brush strokes, colors, shapes, etc.) but I like spicing things up every now and then. That’s where this painting comes in.

Abstract paintings are so intriguing. I love the conflict they present. You don’t have to understand it and it doesn’t have to make sense at all. But, in a good piece of abstract art, there is something that just feels right.

Personally, I love the colors and the weight of this painting. It has a nice give and take quality to it. I like the way the light balances out the dark and the color subtly meld. I don’t know if that makes any sense to anyone else… but that’s what stands out to me! What about you?

Check out my Etsy shop. This 12x16 inch oil painting can be found there along with a few others. I’ve painted the edges of this painting red (to add a fabulous bit of contemporary pop to it) but it would also look great in a simple black frame, hanging on your wall!
Tomorrow, I’m hanging a clay sculpture in my daughter’s bedroom! Come back and see it!

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