Monday, May 3, 2010

Painting #63 Immortalized in Orange

It’s open season again! For the past few days, I’ve been working on commission paintings, but this one, this one is for you baby. Ok, please don’t let that scare you off… I’m not a freak. I’m just trying to say that you may purchase this one. That it’s not already spoken for…. That’s all.

I found one lone, but very beautiful, red bloom on one of our camellia bushes. So, here it is, forever immortalized. I created a vibrant, spunky, and yet, romantic oil painting on wood (I love that the bark is still attached to the back and edges!) it is about 5.5 x 13 inches (although, because it’s on a rugged piece of wood, it varies).

I have come to a new milestone. I had to buy a new giant tube of white oil paint. Congratulations to me. I’ve used more paint in the past two months than I did in a whole year as an art major! Impressive.

Events of the day: Woke up way to late (but loved it), started and finished this oil painting before 5:00pm (!), gave a couple of art lessons to “my kids”, got a flat tire, found out, once again, that I married a hero, also found out that my daughter is in the running to becoming a Parent’s Magazine cover child (Vote for her, and keep your fingers crossed! I would love this excuse to go to NYC)!

As always, you can find this (and other paintings) on my Etsy Page:

Check back tomorrow for painting #64!

And a few photographs of Her Cuteness
Annalisa Grace

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