Friday, April 30, 2010

Painting #60 Manet Inspiration

I’m so excited right now! We just found tickets to Chicago! This will be the first real vacation that Dan and I have taken together (without family, and besides our honeymoon), so needless to say, we’re pretty excited. No, you can’t come along…. Although I’m sure I’ll take tons of pictures so you’ll feel like you did. I’m doubly excited because it’s a new city (for me, not for Dan) full of new things to discover. I know most of you have probably been to Chicago, and some of you live there, so please, tell me all the amazing things I must do, and the best places to eat while we're there! Of course, I’ll be dedicating several hours to the art museum…

I feel like I’ve been living in a mini art museum all day. Can I just tell you that sometimes I feel artistically dry. Whenever that happens, I dash off to the library, get a huge armload of books (my arms are still a little sore) and pour through them gleaning inspiration from the masters. Today, Manet came to the rescue with his beautiful brush strokes and deep understanding of color. I fell in love with an oil painting called “White Peonies with Sacateurs”. Stunning.

After examining this painting, I went out to the garden, and gathered my own subject matter, and, whalla! “White Azaleas with Ivy”. It’s a 12x16 oil painting on Masonite, making it easy to frame, and simple to display on a stand or small easel. I just love the contrast and the dramatic way the flower seen to jump out of the scene with their glowing petals.  Because this is day #60 in my painting365 project, this painting is for sale on my Etsy Shop (or by emailing me) for $60!

Don’t forget about the give-away! I’ll be doing the drawing Saturday night!!! Make sure you enter!

“White Peonies with Sacateurs” by Manet

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