Sunday, April 18, 2010

Painting #48 "Yes, The Grass is Greener Here"

So, what do you get when you mix people, framed art, wind (lots of wind), paper, a baby, sun (and thus, a slight sunburn), and a massage? My day. Weird, busy, exciting, inspiring, helpful, profitable, and somewhat stressful. I was at the Spring Fling this morning and afternoon, featuring my art and the painting365 project. I love the excitement that people have for the project and my blog. It is immensely encouraging!

We did have one tragedy today that about ripped my heart out… While I was painting the painting for today a huge gust of wind blew and almost knocked over one of my largest, and most expensive frames, so, of course, I ran to catch it, not knowing that my painting had also gotten caught up in the wind and fell onto Annalisa’s face, leaving a little cut on her cheek. It looks so sad, and I felt horrible. But, 30 seconds later, she had forgotten all about it and was back to her old self playing and smiling at everything.

I did this painting while sitting at the booth, in between visitors, and while working on my tan. It is a 9x11 acrylic painting on panel called “The Grass is Greener Here”. And, even with all the ill will I felt towards it after cutting my daughter, I still find if very pleasing and think it would make a great accent, or point of intrest in pretty much any room in your house! I have posted it on my Etsy page!

The drawing for the Butterfly Bush oil painting will be held in 12 days! Don’t forget to email your friends and copy me on the email to enter! The number of people you tell is the number of times your name will be entered in the contest! If you have a blog or a website you interact with regularly, put a link on there and let me know how many hits you got that day! I’ll enter you into the drawing that many times.

Here are a couple pf the paintings I still have available and can be found on my Etsy page, or by emailing me. Please let me know if you would like to purchase one or more of them! They are such a steal!

#41 #46

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