Friday, April 2, 2010

Time for a little I Spy in the Sky -- Painting #32

Painting number 32 has finally been competed, photographed, posted, and now, viewed by you! I’m tired. We’ve had a very busy day! My brother and sister-in-law arrived from Hawaii this afternoon. It’s been so good to see them again! Their son is three months older than Annalisa, but he’s able to crawl and is starting to walk! So, he’s leaps and bound ahead of her physically right now. But they’re so cute together anyways. I’m including some photos of Annalisa and me that I took this morning. We have so much fun together! She’s so cute and fluffy. I love it when she gets that look of awe in her eyes when she looks at things. I don’t know what I did without her…

This painting is a commission photograph from an old friend from Houston. I hope you love it Lydia! It’s a 6x6 inch oil painting of a beautiful sky full of deep clouds and dramatic highlights. I wish I could have seen it in real life! I love the way the sky changes every hour of every day. There are unlimited creatures, and houses, and people, and flowers morphing in those big fluffy shapes. God is an awesome artist. Isn’t it amazing how the sky can stop us in our tracks, even on the busiest of days, and make us stand in awe? I think it’s one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen…
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1 comment:

Lydia said...

Yes I do, Emily! It captures the feel of our front pasture at sundown definitely. Just gorgemous! :)


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