Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Painting #36 Charleston: the place of memory making

I think I have a ”thing” for southern cities. They’re so wonderful; classy, stylish, charming, friendly... and Charleston SC is no exception. My first trip to Charleston was a quickie day trip while I was a Freshman in college. My roommate and dear friend, Lydia, and I drove at ungodly speeds both ways in order to spend as much time as possible wondering/running all the streets, eating amazing food, enjoying all the great shops, and soaking up some sun (of which there was very little that day). Fun memories… Since then I’ve made hundreds more memories in that city. It has been the perfect day trip to take with my (then) boyfriend and (now) husband… great family vacations site… perfect city to gallivant around with crazy friends… romantic get-away… wonderful photo shoot location… all around, it’s on my Top-10-Cities-In-America list. You must go there.
So, needless to say, I was very excited to get a commission painting of this fine city. This watercolor painting is 8 x 6 inches. The couple that requested this photo got engaged here.  See!  It's just so romantic.
I love this particular part of town. The ocean is on one side, and numerous huge, ginormous, houses are on the right. In fact, legend has it that Princess Diana owned a home shown here! It’s bright pink... 

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I also must share with you these photographs of Annalisa eating cake for the first time.  We had an early birthday party for all the cousins on the Jeffords' side tonight.  She loved it!  Well, really, she loved squishing it in her hands and smashing it on the plate.  Cutie-pie. 

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