Thursday, April 15, 2010

Painting #45 NY I Love You

I find if very intriguing how much America loves it's New York. Isn’t it amazing how a city, not fundamentally different from any other city, can be so great? Such an empire? It all comes down to the average person. A few of them are creative, a few business savvy, a few are organized, some are good leaders, all of them working together to create an amazing city. That’s pretty amazing. Even more amazing: that translates to you, in your city, your town.

I’ve never lived in New York, so I don’t really know exactly why people chose to live there, honestly… It seems a little too big for my taste. I’m not a country girl by any means! Give me your highways, malls, and starbucks (btw, free coffee tomorrow if you bring a mug)! I lived in Houston for several years and it felt like there were people everywhere, for miles and miles. I remember thinking to myself, I could spend a week wandering around, looking for someone I know, and never bump into anyone. I can’t imagine living in a place that is even more populated! I like my medium sized city, full of all its amenities, yet with that indescribable southern charm.

But, not to harbor any ill-will against NY, or the painting I did of it today! This painting is of the NY sky line, as seen from the Statue of Liberty and is such an amazing site! The painting is a 12x5 inch oil painting on a wooden block. It’s a commission painting, but please check out my Etsy shop for paintings that are still available!

Thank you all so much for your continued support! You are making this project work by encouraging me to continue each day. It’s not easy, let me tell you…

Also, remember to email your friends about this blog, and copy me on the email, to enter the give-away!

Pretty packages for pretty paintings.  How fun would it be to get one of these in the mail?

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What lovely packaging!


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