Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Painting #57 Splatterings

So, I went outside with Annalisa yesterday to go for a little walk. Annalisa loves being outside. Her favorite outdoor activities are cloud watching and holding onto a flower stem and twirling it around (so cute). Thankfully, she hasn't tried to eat one yet... As we strolled around I saw this bright orange spot that kept catching my eye... so we went over to examine. There is a tiny bush hiding behind other plants and rocks that has the most adorable little bright orange roses on it. I felt a little bit guilty for cutting it to use in my painting today, but, really, what better way to use this flower! Now, it can live forever. I created a 12x16 oil painting that you can buy on either my Etsy Shop, or by emailing me! Personally, I think this painting would make the perfect wedding gift for that couple that is really special to you, (or to the couple getting married with a super boring registry. Who really wants to wrap-up and give a can opener?!) just an idea….

Also, please do not forget to enter the drawing for a free oil painting!!! I’ll be selecting the lucky person this Saturday!

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