Sunday, April 25, 2010

Painting #55 Quince Blooms

Before I started college, I had never heard of Alex Powers. I was introduced to his work sometime during my sophomore year and it became slightly infections… in a good way. As you can see from the paintings I’ve added at the bottom, he loves suggestion. You know exactly what’s protrayed, but can’t really see it, at least not in much detail. …Incredible. I also love the way he treats backgrounds! As an artist, I know all to well, how exasperating a smudge in the wrong place, or a messy section can become. But Alex... he doesn’t worry about those things… in fact, I think he embraces and exaggerates them!

The painting I did today was inspired by Alex Powers’ artistic “less-is-more” mentality, and the amazing way he uses negative space (the shapes created by looking “through” the object). I decided to play up the negative space by using blue and gold shades to kind of wrap to branches. These branches are the lovely Japanese Quince Flowers we had growing in our yard… making their last appearance on my blog for a while. Next spring, I’m sure they’ll be bake again!

You will also be very pleased to know that I’ve reached a new mile-stone in this project! I’m now painting larger paintings!!! This painting is 12x16 inches, oil paint on massonite wood.

You can buy this painting on my etsy page: or by emailing me (if you're local).

Don’t forget to enter the contest to win a free painting! I’ll be picking one very fortunate soul on May first.
Also, I'm still taking commission photographs!  Right now, I can garuntee it will be competed by mid June. Email me your photos!

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