Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Painting #37 Garden Observation III

Well… this has literally been my first chance to sit down with the computer, camera, painting, and tape (to hold my eyes open) all day. Today has been full of dress shopping, movie watching, eating, talking, baby holding, singing, and visiting with family I won’t see again for a long time (those always feel like precious moments). I have loved this massive family visit (we've had 21 relitives and a puppy come into town this week!!!) It has been full, exciting, happy, and crazy… but, I can’t wait to get back into a schedule over the next couple days.

Between all the meals, visits, trips, and chats, I managed (!) to paint a painting today (don’t ask me when/how!) We have a tree that drapes over our driveway. One day it was just a tree with bare naked branches, and the next is was covered with these sweet little flower poofs. Adorable… They look so puffy and pink. This oil painting is 5x7 and is for sale on my Etsy shop for $37!

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And with that… goodnight!

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