Monday, April 12, 2010

Painting #42 The Liberty Bridge

Well, my painting seem to be water themed recently. I think that's appropriate, given the season. Spring always reminds me of moisture, running water, dancing creeks, happy fish... (ok, so really, I was just making a list of common Indian names...). I do thinks its a little funny that I was painting this from a photograph while sitting at the actual location! Oh well, it was a commission painting, and I didn't really want to set up shop on the bridge (where the photograph was taken).

We had a great time down town. Down town Greenville is so beautiful! It wonderfully incorporates shops, restaurants and roads with nature. This painting is of the "Liberty Bridge" in down town Greenville. It's very impressive in real life, spanning quite a distance over the "Reedy River Falls" (another incredible sight).

This painting is a watercolor, about 7x10 inches, on my favorite watercolor paper (Artistico Fabriano). It was a so relaxing to paint as Dan and Annalisa and I ate our picnic in the warm sun and flirted with a very friendly squirrel (well, Annalisa did all the flirting and she was super cute doing it!) I wish so much I hadn’t left my camera at home…

What a wonderful Sunday.

Because this is a commission painting, I’m going to give them a chance to buy it first. I’ll let you know if it goes on etsy! There are still a couple painting, collages, and prints listed on there. They are well worth checking out (#26 and #27 are still listed!!!)
And, don’t forget about the give-away! The painting I’m giving away is so beautiful, you are going to break down and cry if you don’t at least try to win it. I don’t want that to happen to you…

As always, I love you comments, suggestions, and photographs!  Come back tomorrow for painting #43!

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