Monday, April 19, 2010

Painting #49 black and white beauties

I spent part of today dreaming about one of my favorite cities… Savannah.

It seems that this city, more than any I’ve ever been to, combines, art, culture, sunshine, beach life, and that indescribably unique (slightly ironic) style beautifully.

Places I want to go and things I want to do:
The Paris Market
Scad’s local art shop
Take a cooking class at 700 Drayton - followed with an amazing meal
Spend a couple hundred at 24E
Stay in a beautiful home on Taylors St.
Visit the art museum for hours and hours (mostly admiring the architecture)
Walk along River Street eating a champagne truffle.

Someday, I’ll be there, enjoying all these things, as well as basking in the sun, and enjoying all the oh-so-southern beauty around me. If you’ve never been to Savannah, it needs to make it’s way to the top of you list!

Ok, so this painting doesn’t really have anything to do with Savannah at all, however, it is lovely, dramatic, romantic, and also holds that “indescribably unique style”… sort of. It is a black and white, ink and charcoal painting of a few amaryllis flowers in full bloom. I love the play of light and dark in this painting. It is listed on my etsy shop, so you can feature this little bit of beauty in your home! Let’s be honest, there is not one room in your house that would not benefit from a piece of black and white artwork. It’s classic.

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