Friday, April 9, 2010

Painting #39 Dog Whisperer

I've always loved German Shepherds.  My family has two that they love dearly.  They are such loyal, intelligent, and beautiful dogs!  That's one reason I was so excited to paint this painting for Theresa Roach, curator of Art and Light Gallery, on the west end of down town Greenville.  A fantastic shop that combines art, design, and that special eclectic touch perfectly.

When Theresa sent me this photograph of one of her dogs, I was first struck with the contrast between the dog's deep, colorful coat and the whiteness of the snow.  A watercolor just seemed to fit the "look" I wanted to achieve.

Don't forget about the greatest give-away!  The painting I'm giving away is really stunning.  When people see it they are shocked that they could have it, by simply emailing their friends! 
Also, there are a few painting and the black and white collages still for sale on my Etsy page: Check them out!

Snapshots of Art and Light Gallery

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