Thursday, April 8, 2010

Paintings #38

So, yesterday, I thought seriously about digging through a stack of old business cards, gift cards (unfortunately, all used up...) and all those random punch cards I pick up, and never use again, in order to find my "Stuff Happens" card. We got them from our bank to use instead of paying for a bounced check, or other fees... my "get out of jail free"  - just in case.  I was going to photograph it and include the picture with this blog post... but I didn't.  It wasn't my intent to skip my painting and post yesterday, but, stuff happens, and I'm sorry! I did, however, paint TWO paintings today to make up for it!

The first painting is a 9x11 oil painting that I've grown quite fond of as I've painted and photographed it; I love the super dark greens and smoky grays. It's a commission painting of a beautiful spot in Cades Cove, TN near the Smokey Mountains. A place where bears roam free, wild flowers bloom 10 out of 12 months, trees never stop growing taller, and nature abounds. Personally, I think I've had about all the nature I can stand for one day. I've spend the last hour trying to [find and] chase a mouse out of my kitchen... it didn't work. I can hear him in there... doing something noisy. I'm just glad he can't get into the pantry or cabinets!  AND, there was a snake on the driveway yesterday...

That’s all for now! I have to hurry and painting the finishing touches on the second painting!

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