Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Painting #43 Renoir Redone

When people say you’re a hopeless romantic, what does that even mean? I never really thought I was, until today. I was casually flipping through a book of Renoir’s paintings, admiring his work, and wondering why it’s not fashionable for women to be so chunky now… when I spotted a painting called “Roses in a vase”. Now, what could be more romantic than that title? A lot, really… but not to many things are more beautiful or romantic that the painting! I just stood there, at my kitchen counter, in a semi-uncomfortable position, staring at it. So, that settled it: the ritual thought of “what to paint today…?” I even had flowers that looked very similar to the ones in Renoir’s painting outside, in the garden!

Annalisa and I had a beautiful morning together outside, in the wonderful weather, enjoying God’s creation, Renoir’s paintings and a mug of coffee (well, I enjoyed that, not Annalisa).

The painting I did, based on “Roses in a vase” I will inspiringly call “Cammelias in a Vase”. It’s an oil painting, measuring 9x12 and is painted on canvas board. It is for sale on my Etsy shop for $43! Imagine, a real, original Renoir (impression) painting in your home…

How do I get anything done with such a cute baby girl!?

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