Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Day to You!

What a lovely Friday… good Friday indeed. We are surrounded with family (and will be for about a week longer,) and spent the day telling stories, talking, shopping (I’m a great shopper! I got a brand new diaper bag from Pottery Barn for $5.00!) eating, and playing with the babies. It’s been fun so far!

I stole a little time for myself and my paints. At the onset of this week I wasn’t sure how this project would work with all the company, but so far, It’s been nice to have a few hours of peace and quiet during the busy days. This painting is a tribute to serenity. What a calm and peaceful landscape... It’s an oil painting, about 10x5 inches. I love the ruggedness of the wood and bark behind the painting. . Isn’t it amazing how even crazy busy cities can look peaceful when photographed from the sky. I love looking down on the world from an airplane window. Amazing. You can buy this painting on my shop! It will make your home so calm and quiet. Just like that!

Here are a couple pretty little Easter items that I love and wanted to share with you!
A pretty Tulips photograph created by3Lambsdesigns
The most beautiful "La Fleur et le Sable Necklace",
The cutest Felt Bag by abacusathome
A set of four Wooden Coaster by RaineStyleHome
A lovely silk clutch purse, starburst bloom by redrubyrose

And!!!!  Do not forget about the most Greatest Give-Away ever!!! 

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