Sunday, April 4, 2010

Painting #34 Orchids and Dreams and Crazy Schemes

I just read a list of “things to do with my life” on Design for Mankind. I love it!  What do you want to do with your life? Anything crazy? Or simple? Or romantic? Or risky?

I don’t really have a life list, but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to find a great deal plane tickets to Paris, fly there for breakfast with my sweet hubby (and now, baby), and fly back later that day. Would that not be the most amazing thing to look back on! How random and fun and romantic and insane! So. If you find and great deals on tickets to Paris… let me know!

This painting is another painting from our visit to the Franklin Park Conservatory. A gorgeous greenhouse (that doesn’t even begin to describe it) in Columbus Ohio. There is a huge, beautiful, sunny room, full of orchids and delicate tropical plants. Incredible. Breathtaking…  Dan was about to ask me to marry him, and he was so nervouse!  I was completely oblivious and was snapping pictures of all these incredible flowers, enjoying all the pretty things around me. I asked him to hold the orchid branch so I could get a better angle on it, and when he did it started shaking and quivering so badly I couldn’t focus on it! Poor guy… I just though his blood sugar was low or something. I had no idea there was a rock in his pocket! Sweet memories… Anyways, (back to the painting,) this is a 9x7 oil painting on canvas. Just beautiful… I love the contrast between the light and dark, solid and soft.

You can buy this painting on my shop for $34! Or, email me (if you’re from Greenville) and we can work out a time to meet so you don’t have to pay for shipping.
Don’t forget about the most amazing give-away ever!!! Someone is going to get a beautiful painting!
Have a wonderful Easter!

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