Thursday, April 22, 2010

Painting #53 Yellow Limes

I'm a firm believer that kitchens need a little love too.  In fact, when I design my own kitchen, I'm going to have a wall to feature a huge painting.  I spend so much time in the kitchen that it has to be beautiful!  In the mean time, I’ve created paintings that are completely perfect for “normal kitchens” (those without a huge display wall and spot lights… although, it would look great there as well)… I love yellow and green paintings because they are a great accent color; bright, cheerful, and they coordinate with most color schemes really well and add that little special pop. I must tell you that this painting is one of two that I painted to go together (although they don’t have to be a set). The second one, which features lemons, will be posted tomorrow! They are both 6x8 inch oil paintings on canvas. I especially love the brush strokes in this painting. It looks so luscious. As you can see, I’ve painted the edges so you do not have to frame this “Yellow Limes” painting, But… if you feel so inclined, a black frame would look great and make the colors stand out beautifully! I leave that to you expert eye.

I have listed them on my etsy page! Hurry, I have a feeling these two paintings are going to go fast. They’re darling.

Be sure to enter to win a free oil painting in eight days!

And with that… I’m off to dinner with my wonderful husband and darling daughter!

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