Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paitning #44 Green Days

Do you ever have one of those days when you don't really feel much of anything? Maybe you get up a little too late, or too early, or maybe things at work are just going - no ups, or downs, or maybe yesterday was to exciting and today can't compare.... whatever the reason, I haven't really felt much today. I had a great day, don't get me wrong. It was quiet, and relatively un eventful. I spent a good bit of time preparing paintings to be sent out tomorrow! The packages are adorable. I'll post pictures tomorrow. Good news for those of you who have purchased my paintings! They will be arriving shortly. Watercolors are easy to send because they dry so fast, but oils... I'm just now sending off oil paintings that I painted a month ago! But, oil paints are so beautiful, it's worth the wait.

I painted this painting while eating dinner, watching Monk, talking with my husband, and playing with my baby. It's a little more abstract than the paintings I've been posting so far, but its a style I really love creating. It is an oil landscape of fields, water, grass, trees, sky, and whatever else you can see. I love that it's not really concrete; that I'm not telling you what's there, and exactly how you must look at it.

If you would like to be able to rework this painting in your mind endlessly, finding all the variations and hidden meanings, I suggest you go to my Etsy shop and buy it. Or, if you just thinks it's pretty and would totally match your decor, that's fine too.

Don't forget about the give-away! I'll be selecting a winner on May 1st (that's in a mere 16 days!) to receive an original oil painting. Tell all you friends!

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