Friday, July 30, 2010

Oo-la-la! TheWoodenLetter

I wanted to share this little gem with you all.  The Wooden Letter, an etsy shop run by my friend Amanda that offers beautiful, simple, and cheerful paper goods.  Amanda says in her shop bio:"there is something charming about a handwritten note, don't you think? something nostalgic about it. to give a card that is customized and handwritten will evoke a lot of emotions and will not go unnoticed (in fact, that person will probably want to send you a thank you card for sending them a card):)"  I couldn't agree more!  In fact, I recently got a card from Amanda, and it made my day!  So darling, cheerful, and unexpected! 

The items shown here can all be found on TheWoodenLetter's etsy shop.

card pack -set of 3- pink and orange
paper circle confetti- brown, ivory, and pink
petities in a paper sack - set of 4- black and white polka dot
dandy notecards - set of 4 - black and green
petites in a paper sack -set of 4 - pink houndstooth

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