Monday, July 12, 2010

Painting #123 Late Summer Mornings

Wow, what an adventure these past couple weeks have been! God is good, he gives more grace than I could ever hope for! I am pleased to be back, with my paint brushes in hand, ready to jump back into my paintings once again. Thank you all for your patience with me during this time.
I actually painted this acrylic painting last week during the art camps I taught. It was sort of an example/something for me to work on while the teen group was hard at work on their paintings. I really enjoyed painting this painting. I rarely work with acrylic paints because I have a hard time with the slick, sticky quality of the paint as opposed to oil. But, the speedy draying time and the stickiness of the paint was actually a huge advantage in this landscape. It created some fantastic texture effects along the right side of the painting. This large acrylic painting (16x20 inches) can be found in my shop for a low $123!

Come back tomorrow to see the results of my hours of painting!

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