Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Wednesday night to you! 
I just love Wednesday nights...  great conversions with friends, time with family, snacks, and Psych (usa network).  This afternoon I reveled in oil paints once again.  I've missed them!  This is also a wonderful treat for those of us without bottomless pockets.   I'm breaking out of the price system to give you a great deal on a lovely oil painting on a block of wood!  $75!  What a steal!  AND...  it's going to have a coordinating painting sometime very soon (also for $75!)

As usual...  I have no idea what flower this is.  It's not a rose, but it's beautiful!  I just love the lemon and peach hues, contrasted with all the lush dark greens.  I used very defined and intricate brush strokes (very exciting for whomever buys it and lets to feel it in person.)  You can find this (and other lovely paintings) in my shop, so, feel free to head over there! 


Galit said...

This is wonderful Emily!!
I love your drawings so much!
Arrived here from your etsy shop and totally love your 365 project. Will come back for more!

Paint by Josie said...

Good job! I love art also...especially painting!


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