Monday, July 5, 2010

Red, White, and a Touch of Blue

Yes, I am alive and well. I deeply apologize for my horrible blogging practices last week! I had quite the helter-scelter week!
Happy late 4th of July! What a wonderful holiday that is… I have always loved being in America. Living outside of the US for a good part of my childhood has helped me to realize how amazingly wonderful our country is. Be proud to be an American!

This week, I am teaching art camps every day, for most of the day. I’m excited to share our projects with you all! The kids are having a great time so far and I have some fabulous art projects in store for them! Stay tuned for photos!

I am still planning on painting as much as possible, so it you have a commission, please email me with the details! I would love to create a large painting to go over your mantle, or on a bare wall in your home! You can send me a request as general as “I would like a yellow flower to coordinate with the pattern on my black and white couch…” Give me a challenge!

The collage of artwork features:
“Cans” oil painting by Katie Scully
“Dandelion” Acrylic Painting by Modphoric
“Playing with Fireworks” Card by Dandy Lion Press
And, my own watercolor painting “DC, America’s Hometown

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