Saturday, October 2, 2010

 Happy Saturday to you!  Here is one of the paintings I've completed lately.  I've been working on several, completely different pieces this week.  One is green, almost abstract, and nature-inspired, the other is dark, rainy, and red, and this one is simple sweet, and girly. 

I love these flower; Camellias.  They are so delicate looking, yet grow in the harshest conditions of mid-winter (well, harsh by South Carolina's standards).  A couple foolish little blooms have shown their faces a little bit too early, so I captured their short lives in paint as quickly.  I know there is no snow yet, and won't be for a while (if ever around here!) But I'm calling this little painting "Snow Flowers" as a tribute to this winter bloom.  This painting is 5x7 and can be found in my shop for a steal!  I think this would be a fantastic Christmas gift for that hard-to-by-for, super-classy person. 

This is one of the last oil paintings I'll be doing for a while (that makes me very sad!) My husband, baby, and I are moving out of our home in a couple weeks, and I want to make sure that all the paintings I do will be dry in time.  Watercolors, acrylics, and pen-ink washes to come as well as many, many Christmas cards as I continue to launch my new line!  Check out BeautifulHello!

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