Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I feel like I've been cutting circles out all day!  It's not the most exciting day job in the world (I think being a food and travel critic would be...) but it is most defiantly NOT the worst, or even the most boring.  I actually rather enjoy it!  I have a nice large table to work on, in a lovely room, with a sweet toddler at my side (well actually, she's usually crawling around the living room and sneaking upstairs at alarming speeds).  I'm trying to get my stock of BeautifulHello cards ready for the Holiday rush and for the quickly approaching Holiday Market sponsored by the Greenville Classical Academy. 

If you have any recommendations for my online "presence" or a local shop that you think these cards and tags would fit it, please let me know! 

About the stunning photos...  I recently stumbled across the Etsy Shop Walking to Jericho.  The photography is so artistic and dynamic, and they are having a BOGO! Just thought I'd share...  These three photos are just perfect for this time of year!
The weather felt so autumnesque (new word) and crisp lately that my husband and I actually made a mini Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.  It was fun to cook together.  He's so wonderful.

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