Saturday, February 6, 2010

Return - with a bang

So, after many months away from this blog, I've returned.

In the time that has lapsed, we had a BEAUTIFUL little girl we named Annalisa Grace Jeffords who is now 5 month old, helped my husband jump into a new and excited career, moved into a lovely 1920's house, had an art show in down town Greenville, travelled across the country (at least the eastern side) more than once... and continued loving life, God, and family.

I am looking forward to this year very much. I have some very exciting artistic ideas floating around my head. The one I'm most excited about is also the project that scares me the most! Painting 365. Starting March 1st, I'm going to do a painting everyday for a year! I want to really develop my painting style this year, so I am going to paint mostly landscapes and cityscapes with a variety of mediums (oil, acrylic, or watercolor). The exciting part, and where I will need the most help is subject matter! We live on such a beautiful earth, and I want to see it from your perspective as well, so send me your pictures! I'll paint them, and let you know when I post them and they're for sale.

The paintings are going to start at $1 and go to $365 along with the days, so send me your photos early (but lets be honest $365 for an original, beautiful painting, of your favorite place? not bad at all....)

This is going to be a very challenging and exciting project, so your encouragement, feedback, photos, and comments are welcome and needed!

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Diane Pfaunmiller said...

How cool! This'll be like 'Julie and Julia'!


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