Monday, February 22, 2010

A little Q&A

I understand, this is a moderately confusing project, and you may have some questions... In this post I try to answer some questions I have been asked!

1. Who decides on the medium and size of the painting? I do. I will take into consideration the size I think it "needs" to be based on the details in the photograph, and subject matter,  and price (I tend to paint the more expencive paintings a little larger). The same with the medium. Some photos would look great as a watercolor, some as oil... I'll pick the medium I feel fits best.  I'll try to make it look as amazing as the rendering in my mind!

2. Who pays the shipping? You do. I will apply that to your Etsy bill, UNLESS I can hand deliver it!

3. Will each painting be started and finished in one day? I'm not going to say yes to that exactly. One painting will get finished every day. For example, a couple days ago, I painted three paintings in one day (and they weren't small), but for the past three days I've been working on ONE! It's taking forever! But I will attempt to do one painting, from start to finish, each day. That's my goal.

4. Will the photos we send be returned? Most people are sending me digital photos (which I prefer). However, I will return hard copies along with your finished painting if you request. I can't promise that it will be in pristine condition... (I'm a messy painter).

5. Do we pay in advance or what? As I complete a painting, I will list it on my art shop ( There you can buy the painting with either check, cash, or PayPal!

6. How is your position determined? As I receive photographs, I put them into a two week section. That way you will know within a $15 range the cost of the painting, but it gives me a little flexibility as far as my schedule goes.

7. How do you actually sign up? If you would like to sign up, email you photograph to  If you would like to sign up for a painting that I chose to paint (not based on anyone's photograph) then just check my blog often! I'll post paintings frequently that were not actual commission pieces and they will be up-for-grabs!

Thank you all for your questions, comments, and support

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